Biography of Musica Bella Orchestra member Antonio Arosemena

Antonio Arosemena started playing the bassoon about seven years ago after having played the classical saxophone for several years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Bassoon Performance from the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music, where he was a student of Monica Ellis. He is currently completing his Advanced Certificate in Music Education and hopes to pursue a master’s degree in Early Music Performance. In preparation, Antonio is studying recorder with Nina Stern.
      In addition to Musica Bella, Antonio plays in several other community orchestras throughout the New York City area such as the Brooklyn Conservatory Community Orchestra and the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra. Despite his participation in several orchestras, Antonio’s true passion is playing the Baroque bassoon as well as the recorder in early music ensembles.
      He has been a Musica Bella member for two years, and previously performed the Vivaldi e-minor bassoon concerto with us last June.

Musica Bella concerts: May 2, 2004; February 18, 2007; April 15, 2007; June 24, 2007; February 18, 2007; April 15, 2007; June 9, 2007; June 24, 2007; October 14, 2007; October 21, 2007; December 1, 2007; December 2, 2007

This bio last updated June 2007