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We REALLY have to apologize for being so far behind in posting photos. We have some great photos that we wish we could find the time to post. Unfortunately, of all the tasks we perform in running this orchestra, this seems to have the lowest priority. We’ll try to get caught up some day; but we hope you’ll agree that preparing music, etc., is more important.

Our first orchestra rehearsal: January 18, 2002

Orchestra Concert No. 1 — Bach: January 20, 2002

Orchestra Concert No. 2 — Bach: January 27, 2002

Orchestra Concert No. 3 — Mozart: June 2, 2002

Orchestra Concert No. 4 — Beethoven: October 13, 2002

Orchestra Concert No. 5 — Brahms: December 8, 2002

Orchestra Concert No. 6 — Dvorak: March 23, 2003

Chamber Concert No. 1 — Schoenberg and Mendelssohn: April 13, 2003

Orchestra Concert No. 7 — Concerto Concert: May 18, 2003

More concerts coming as soon as we can get around to it.

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