Become a Supporter of the Orchestra

Your support is deeply and sincerely appreciated. We run our orchestra on almost no budget at all; we have no source of income except for the generosity of you and people like you.

ALL DONATIONS TO MUSICA BELLA ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We need money for the following purposes and more: to pay the rent for our space; to buy or rent music and to mail it to our musicians; to pay the licensing fee for the right to perform music that’s not in the public domain; to buy music stands; to print our programs; to have our concerts recorded; to produce the CDs from those recordings; for mailings to our postal mailing list; to produce our advertising and public-relations materials; to make a very small token payment to our soloists, if we can afford it for that particular concert (usually not); for instrument rental (such as percussion instruments) or tuning (such as a piano) or moving (such as percussion, harp, harpsichord); to pay for this Web site — and, like we said, more.

The members and management, including the conductor, of the orchestra are unpaid. Any deficit we, the management of the orchestra, experience between income and expenses is made up out of our own pockets.

Any donation at all is a huge help, and we thank you in advance! You may use any of the methods listed below:
Donate tax-deductible cash or check at a concert.
Send us a tax-deductible check (click here for instructions), or give it to us at a concert.
Click on the PayPal logo to send us a secure tax-deductible donation electronically.
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Become an Angel

If you donate at least $10 more than the suggested donation at the door (our normal suggested donation is $15, making a $25 donation necessary to qualify for this), we’ll list you for a year both right here and in our printed programs.

Musica Bella Concert CDs available
If you make a donation of at least $50.00, in addition to your name being listed as mentioned above, in appreciation for your larger donation we’ll give you a CD set (in other words, one complete concert, whether it’s on one CD or two) of the live recording of (almost) any of our orchestra or chamber music concerts, your choice. (To see the listing of available concerts, click on the link immediately below.) And for every additional $25 that you donate at the same time, we’ll give you an additional concert CD set.

• The List
Click here for the list of available CDs.

Our Angels
(donations of at least $25, some of them much more)
Listed in approximate chronological order, left column, then right column.
An asterisk means that the donation was made specifically for our Piano Fund.
If your name is misspelled, it’s probably because we couldn’t read your handwriting.
Please let us know the correct spelling, and we’ll be most happy to fix it.

Joan Barton
Liza Armaghanyan
Mr. and Mrs. V. Lesokhin
The Welch Family
Wonderwomen something
An anonymous audience member
An anonymous orchestra member
Uli Speth
Nicholas Flowers
June Hyun
Ida Guzman
George D. Blasier and Mary F. Blasier
Friends and supporters of Musica Bella at KTR Newmark
Robert D. Gaskill
Claire Angelica
An anonymous orchestra member
Ken Clark
CMSgt (ret.) Harry H. Gleeson
An anonymous audience member
Stephen Brown
Stacey E. Meyerson and Andrew Meyerson
Margaret Willig Crane
Peter J. Basch
Dr. Hampson Sisler
Karl M. Watson
Roland Blackburn
The American Guild of Organists, New York City Chapter
Jeanette Gong
Nicole Armocida
Jeanne Barnes
Elena Salij
Daisy Li
James D. Leathery
Katherine M. Morton
David C. Shuler
Gohar Toranyan
Meris F. Ruzow and Daniel A. Ruzow
Mary E. Germaine
Richard Holmes
Craig Crabtree and Debbie Crabtree
Dean Engel
Eleanor J. Watrous
Alok Dutt
Sarah Davies and Alan Gross
A. L. Cadwallader
An anonymous donor
So Young Park
Douglas Harlow
Phil Terry
Thomas Crane
Shoji Mizumoto
Walter Skolnik
Vartan Abdo
An anonymous orchestra member
Alan Oser
Martin Stoner
Neil Platt and Yolanda Wu
Linda Krause
Armenian Radio Hour of New Jersey
Ida Guzman
Yang and Gerald Sciscent
Steven Frucht
Missak and Zarmine Boghosian
Norma Damashek and Joshua Fierer
Jeanne Barnes
Monika de Vries
Barbara V. Levy
Jeremy Hwang
Margaret R. Loss
Eleanor I. Rohrbaugh
Fa Y. Wu and Jane Wu
Joan A. DesRoches
Edward Nersessian, M.D.
Ken Linsk
David Mignano
Dr. Leo & Mrs. Charlotte Landhuis
  An anonymous orchestra member
Another anonymous orchestra member
Hermann Metz and Roswitha Metz
Edward Green
Yet another anonymous orchestra member
Jerry and Jan Selinfreund
Susan Lowance
Joan Barton
Steven Frucht
Two more anonymous orchestra members
Dina and Evan Bakst
Mark Koontz
Elizabeth Howng
Pierre Tonachel
Mary and Thomas McAnulty
Marie Chenevey
Knarik Markarian
Charlotte and John H. Lichtblau
Anne Kirkwood
Mary Massey Baumann
Ken Clark and Paula Hollins
Ivan N. Sarsar
Mason I., Jr., and Susan C. Lowance
David Moldenhauer
An anonymous orchestra member
An anonymous donor
Dr. Amiel Z. Rudavsky and Susan Rudavsky
Jennifer C. J. Hsieh
Gary M. Giardina
Edward W. and Noreen W. Zimmerman
Donald Whipple and Joan Whipple
Mason I. Lowance, Jr.
Luna Shyr
An anonymous orchestra member
Hermann Metz and Roswitha Metz
C. James Lovett and Mary Ann Wilner
An anonymous orchestra member
Mark Hollander and Luiga F. Gutierrez
Morton Cahn
Marie Chenevey
Steven Frucht*
Professor Phyllis Gold Gluck
David Roe*
George M. Hall, Jr.,
and Chantal Bruchez-Hall
An anonymous orchestra member
Another anonymous orchestra member
David Moldenhauer
Richard Hwang
Anne Gardner
Thomas J. Hubschman
Gary Wong and Anne Wong
SMBC Global Foundation, Inc.
Billy Joe and Donna Rae Matter
Jane Furth and August Matzdorf
Armen and Mary Boyajian
Margaret R. Loss
Scott Brodie*
Ken Linsk
William Parsons
Neil Platt and Yolanda Wu
Edward W. and Noreen W. Zimmerman
Erick Nuñez
Brendan Cunnie
Shoji Mizumoto
Linda Harrison
Jane and Steve Goodman
Laura and Morton Cahn
Pegasus Books, LLC
An anonymous donor
Margaret L. Hagen
Vadim V. Istomin and Sofya M. Zelichovskaya
Richard Cohen
Father Jesus Cuadros
Pritchard Family Foundation
Asbed and Sona Melkonian

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The Musica Bella Orchestra of New York, Inc., a New York State Not For Profit Corporation, was incorporated in 2004 and became a 501(c)(3) organization the same year.